Our Services


We have worked with tens of companies across multiple geographies in getting their business started and on a solid growth track. The business advisory services we provide are always subject to the client needs at the given point of time.

Our business advisory services have been used from a range of areas from business planning, market evaluations, marketing planning, sales development to fundraising. In addition we always act as coaches to our clients with whom we have business advisory relationship. We have been giving advise to over 50 companies at various stages of their lifecycle.


In order for any company to grow to reach a bigger potential, the sales channels and sales operations need to be built across number of international markets. Together with our network of affiliates across multiple markets, we execute projects on market assessment, business development, sales channel and operations development and marketing activities resulting in commercial gains for our clients in the new markets.

We are able to fully cover European and Asian markets as well as USA, and have limited coverage to Latin American, African and Middle-Eastern markets. Our special focus is on export between markets in Asia and Europe, bringing Asian companies to European markets and vice versa.