Ever wondered why most of the marvelous plans never materialize? Old wisdom says planning is half the doing. But if the other half is left undone you will not get much results. Let me tell you an old childrens story to enlighten the view:

“Once upon a time there was an old house full of mice. There was also a vicious cat, which was such a beast the mice had hard time surviving in the house.  After the cat had once again eaten one of the mice; they decided to huddle up for a meeting of the minds and think about what to do with the cat problem.

All the mice gathered together for the workshop with the aim of sorting out the cat problem. After lot of talking and swaying one mouse, named Gwiik, came up with the proposal:

‘Let’s have a tinkle-bell and tie it at the cat’s neck; then we will always know where the cat is moving and we get a pre-warning when it’s approaching and we will escape in time.’

This proposal was followed with loud applauses. The mouse elder complemented Gwiik for such a brilliant and cunning plan. The cat problem was now solved! All the mice would live long, happy and prosperous without the cat eating them! Gwiik was just about to be elevated to be the leader of the whole mousehood; when one young mouse, named Meese, asked a question:

‘It’s a wonderful plan alright, but which one of us is going to go and tie the tinklebell at the cat’s neck?’

Dead silence followed.

End of story.”

I don’t think I will have to repeat the moral of the story and why I bothered writing it down. The linkage between plans and execution is self-evident and unless you have the means and capabilities to execute the cunning plans; the plans are worth nothing.  Execution matters. I’ve seen tons of great plans which have never materialized. For any plan; first questions to always ask are “Who is going to execute and how?”  and “Are they capable to do that? ”. People make the plans happen with hard work. Not slides nor good intentions.

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