Any team founding and running a startup must have a contribution on the company day 1. And there are really only two kinds of jobs which matter: 1) building the product or 2) selling it. Everything else is purely vapour and reserved only for the large corporations (can you imagine title of “Chief Coordinating Officer” to anyone at a startup?). There is no room for freeloaders in startups.

Startup team must complement each other in skills and character. They must disagree, debate, form and perform but they must NOT be controlled by a single individual. CEO ultimately must call the shots but having a CEO who is dictatorial can be destructive. Nobody can build a business single-handedly, it is always a team effort. Control freaks get easily blindsided without being able to see and listen to the realities from different viewpoints and hence are more prone to make mistakes due to this. Good teams work in ways which limit the chance of making fatal mistakes.

Businesses are built by teams. And destroyed by teams. Whether you are part of the team, or an investor who is going to have the value growth (or destruction) depending on the team; you need to pay attention. If the team does not work it needs to be changed. Sometimes all it takes is changing one individual and it will change the total team dynamics dramatically (again for better or worse). Pay close attention and change the situation sooner than later if it calls for that. Hoping things will get better rarely helps, so hard calls are better be made fast and in startup environment there is no room for soft values when it comes to team performance.

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